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Granny's Pizza

Granny's PizzaThe Bethel Park Fencing Club sells Granny's Pizza products to raise money for team equipment. Through the previous sale, which occurred through the month of May, the team earned $1,151.50! The next sale will occur sometime in the fall. The following is a list of products and prices:

Product Description Price
Original Pizza Kit Makes a large, 12 cut pepperoni pizza; serves 4 $10.00
Double Pizza Kit Makes two medium size pepperoni pizzas; serves 4 $13.00
Meatball and Cheese Pizza Kit Makes one large pizza with sauce, cheddar cheese & meatballs; serves 4 $11.00
Original Calzone Includes sauce, cheese, and pepperoni; serves 2 $5.50
Meatball Calzone Includes sauce, meatballs, mozzerella cheese, and provalone cheese; serves 2 $6.50
12" Hoagie Consists of ham, salami, and cheese, with a separate packet of lettuce, tomatoes, and dressing $5.50
12" Turkey and Cheese Hoagie Consists of turkey and cheese with a separate packet of mayonnaise $5.50
12" Pizza Boat Hoagie - $5.50

To place and order, click here.

Community Day Booth

GoldfishThe Bethel Park Fencing Club also earns money through a booth at the Bethel Park Community Day. We charge $0.25 per ping-pong ball, which a player throws at fish bowls. A player earns one live goldfish per ball they succeed in throwing into a bowl. Through last year's Community Day, which was on September 14, 2002, the Fencing Club earned over $342.84! Thanks go out to everyone who helped out at the booth.

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