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Maria DeLucia

Maria Delucia

"Cheese and Rice!"

Grade: 11
Birthday: March 20
Interesting Personal Fact: "I can be very loud and very outgoing."
Hobbies: going to the mall, watching Disney Channel, and trading spaces (???)
School Activities: "orchestra-that's it because my life revolves around FENCING!"
Favorite Subject: any science class
Favorite Color: Fuchsia
Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Favorite Movie: "The Matrix"
Favorite TV Show: Boy Meets World
Favorite Actor: Stephen Dorff
Favorite Music Group: Good Charlotte
4 Dream Dinner Guests: Benji Madden, Tom Delonge, Stephen Dorff, & Keanu Reeves
Most Prized Possession: "my fencing sweatshirt"
Favorite Aspect of BPFC: "The groin is target area."
Most Memorable Fencing Experience: "Rookie camp & the first time we ran up 'Fluffy' (good times, good times!)"
"Most Wanted" Team: Allderdice

Final 2003 Interscholastic Statistics

Rank BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
9 34 19 15 132 116 16 0.559

Final 2003 Combined Statistics

BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
47 24 23 187 206 -19 0.511

All-Time Statistics

BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
69 33 36 246 296 -50 0.478

Career Highlights