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Callie Knuth

Callie Knuth

"I have a habit of using an extended vocabulary."

Grade: 9
Birthday: August 27
Interesting Personal Fact: "I like country."
Hobbies: Anime, softball, street hockey, and football with my buddies
School Activities: Band, wind ensemble, drama, and newspaper
Favorite Subject: science
Favorite Color: Green?
Favorite Books: Wow? K Dragon Lance, Lord of the Rings
Favorite Movies: "Matrix" and "X-Men"
Favorite TV Show: CribsTRL
Favorite Actor: Heath Ledger
Favorite Music Groups: Eminem, Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Blink 182, CFO, Phil Vassar
Favorite Aspect of BPFC: "knowing that no matter what I do I will always be able to impove so it never gets old"
Most Memorable Fencing Experience: my first year fencing
"Most Wanted" Team: Allderdice
"Most Wanted" Fencer: "Karen-she teaches me a lot so I want to beat my teacher (LOL)"

Final 2003 Interscholastic Statistics

Rank BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
4 11 8 3 54 37 17 0.727

Final 2003 Combined Statistics

BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
33 14 19 126 176 -50 0.424

All-Time Statistics

BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
48 25 23 173 213 -40 0.521

Career Highlights