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Katelyn Maloney

Katelyn Maloney

"Life is like a gumball machine: you never know what monster of society will be the next to chew you up and spit you out!"

Grade: 11
Birthday: March 30
Interesting Personal Fact: "I can read Anglo-Saxon runes."
Hobbies: Church softball, Teen Advisory Council, alter serving, Jr. Youth Group, mentor, coin collecting, Teens of God in Action, Young Writers Institute, volunteering at the food bank and Tim Murphy's office
School Activities: Forensics, Marching Band, Concert Band, NHS, Vernissage Staff Editor
Favorite Subject: English
Favorite Color: Black-it absorbs all colors of the spectrum, hence being equal to all colors
Favorite Movies: "Labyrinth," "Rain Man," "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," and "The Big Chill"
Favorite TV Show: SNL
Favorite Music Group: Pink Floyd
Favorite Aspect of BPFC: "Being able to say I am a fencer."
Most Memorable Fencing Experience: Receiving the skull pop for the first time
"Most Wanted" Team: Allderdice
"Most Wanted" Fencer: David Richie

Final 2003 Interscholastic Statistics

Rank BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
17 11 1 10 20 69 -49 0.091

Final 2003 Combined Statistics

BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
23 1 22 35 144 -109 0.043

All-Time Statistics

BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
41 2 39 63 232 -169 0.049