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Brittany Thomas

Brittany Thomas

"People are like the stars: there are those who are bright and those who are dim."

Grade: 9
Birthday: February 4
Interesting Personal Fact: "I almost broke someone's jaw when I was 9 years old."
Hobbies: skateboarding, hockey
School Activities: student council, band
Favorite Subject: science
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Book: Crusader
Favorite Movie: "The Replacements"
Favorite TV Show: South Park
Favorite Music Group: Staind
4 Dream Dinner Guests: "John Lenon, George W. Bush, my great-grandfather, and Bill Gates"
Favorite Aspect of BPFC: "It's different from everyone else."
Most Memorable Fencing Experience: 2002 miniature golf outing
"Most Wanted" Team: North Hills
"Most Wanted" Fencer: Emily Ricotta

Final 2003 Interscholastic Statistics

Rank BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
10 13 7 6 74 71 3 0.538

Final 2003 Combined Statistics

BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
17 9 8 70 82 -12 0.529

All-Time Statistics

BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
31 15 16 105 129 -24 0.484