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Michael Vaughn

Michael Vaughn

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

Grade: 10
Birthday: June 9
Interesting Personal Fact: "The only time I actually enjoy running is in a race."
Hobbies: Track
Favorite Subject: any type of science
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Book: Treasure Island
Favorite Movie: "Chariots of Fire"
Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld
Favorite Actor: Harrison Ford
Favorite Music Group: Fleetwood Mac
4 Dream Dinner Guests: Moses, Jesus, Arnold Schwarzeneger (or something like that), and Harrison Ford
Favorite Aspect of BPFC: the team friendships
Most Memorable Fencing Experience: "when I defeated both the Captain and Assistant Captain from North Hills in one night"
"Most Wanted" Team: Allderdice
"Most Wanted" Fencer: "Anyone I haven't beaten yet"

Final 2003 Interscholastic Statistics

Rank BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
11 19 9 10 77 75 2 0.474

Final 2003 Combined Statistics

BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
43 14 29 156 221 -65 0.326

All-Time Statistics

BF W L TS TA +/- Pct.
78 25 53 280 392 -112 0.321

Career Highlights